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Lightening Bolt // Car Freshie

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These car freshies are made to hang from your rear view mirror in your vehicle but can also be used in a variety of places such as a closet, drawer, bathroom, locker, you name it!

They normally last 3-5 weeks but some scents are stronger than others and can vary depending on your climate. Keep in mind that in hotter months, these may not keep their scent as long, due to the sun drawing out the scent faster.

These are made with premium aroma beads and fragrance oils. These are great as gifts for any occasion or just to treat yourself! All car freshies are packaged in a sealed holographic foil pouch that’s durable, eco-friendly, and waterproof. All freshies include hanging hardware. 


Hang Freshie immediately after taking out of package. Do not place Freshie on dash or any surface, as the scent/color may stain or damage. Toxic if consumed. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Contains small parts. May melt in extreme temperatures; avoid direct sunlight. Do not place in wax burner or try to melt. Fragrance lasts approximately 3-5 weeks. We are not responsible for any damages or replacements due to misuse.